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Success in Functional medicine begins with a good team. We have built up a cross-functional group of doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, health coaches, clinical physiotherapists – M.Sc in acupuncture, internal researchers and our patient supporters across national borders. We believe this is the best way to support our patients on their own health journey.

Our therapists work individually with the individual patient, to provide the best support in the treatment. Therefore, there may be different ways we work in different stages of the process. We collaborate with each other behind the scenes, but also with professors from Karolinska Institutet, both in Stockholm and Uppsala University. 

We have close contact and have many international experts at hand and are constantly learning something new in the field and keeping us up to date within the latest research in the field. In addition, most of our therapists teach other professional therapists.


  • Institute for Functional Medicine, annual conferences, since 2002
  • AFMCP Institute for Functional Medicine, practitioner training courses
  • Integrative Health Symposium, New York, siden 2017
  • Good Clinical Practice, University of Copenhagen, 2015
  • A4M –anti ageing conference, siden 2015
  • Institute for Functional Medicine “Head to Toe”, 2014
  • Kings College, London – The low FODMAP diet for functional gastrointestinal disorders course, 2013
  • Kings College, London – Group work skills and the low FODMAP diet, 2013
  • Defeat Autism Now/Autism Research Institute, siden 2005
  • “In house” training with pediatrician / associate professor Elizabeth Mumper
  • American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM)
  • Mastering the Science & Skills of Bio-Detoxification
  • Nutritional Therapy in medical practice
  • International Lyme and Associated Diseases – ILADS.org, siden 2012


Anne Catherine Færgemann, clinical dietitian and M.Sc. Nutritional Medicine
Anne Catherine is a clinical dietitian from Aarhus University in 2001. She also has a Master’s degree in Nutritional Medicine from Surrey University in England, 2013, specializing in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). She is the author of the books “Healthy now – detoxification of body and soul” and “Is it something you have eaten?”. She has worked at Rigshospitalet with the specialties: anorexia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and gastrointestinal diseases.

Anne Catherine further specializes in Functional Medicine with a focus on nutrition and the use of laboratory analyzes in relation to digestive problems, food reactions, hormonal disorders, autism, infections, fatigue, etc. She often sees patients with very complex symptoms, due to her many years of experience.

She teaches therapists both at home and abroad, in the use of laboratory analyzes from a nutritional perspective. In addition, she hosts webinars for professionals. Personally, she is passionate about everything that includes Functional Medicine, lives by the principles herself and is an avid yoga practitioner, including trained as a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher.

At the Nordic Clinic, a consultation with Anne Catherine will focus on lifestyle changes, especially the dietary part of your treatment, coupled with the use of dietary supplements for the treatment of biochemical disorders found on the basis of your laboratory analyzes. for podcast with Anne Catherine at Apple or Spotify

Martin Rasmussen, physiotherapist and Master of Science in acupuncture

Martin is a trained physiotherapist at CVU Øresund, the Physiotherapist program Copenhagen in 2006.

After project work with ‘Depression and Exercise’ (DEMO study) at Bispebjerg Hospital, he traveled to Hangzhou China. Here, he completed a three-year Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, specializing in Acupuncture and Tuina (medical massage and manual therapy).

In 2012, he completed the basic course in Functional Medicine; Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) at The Institute For Functional Medicine.

He also took the undergraduate degree in Zheng Gu Tui Na under Frank Butler and Tom Bisio in 2012-2013. After his studies in China, Martin continued his training and teaching with Dr. Serge Augier in Paris, whom he met in 1998. At Dr. Serge Augier studies Martin Chinese as well as Taoist medicine including acupuncture and tuina as well as qigong, Taoist meditation and the styles Tai Ji Quan, Xing Yi Quan and Ba Gua Zhang.

Since 2009, Martin has taught acupuncture for physiotherapists, physiotherapist students, masseurs and other manual therapists in Denmark.

To stay up to date, Martin continues his education in acupuncture, tuina and other TCM related topics and Functional Medicine. In addition, since 2012 he has taught courses in Functional Medicine for physiotherapists, which he has developed in collaboration with Oscar Umharo Cadogan.

Privately, he teaches qigong, Taoist meditation and Chinese martial arts.

Dr. Nyjon Eccles- BSC, MBBS, MRCP, Ph.D.
Dr Nyjon Eccles is one of the most respected doctors working with Functional Medicine in the UK. He has an innovative mindset and is therefore a forerunner in the use of more natural treatments.

In addition to being a doctor, Dr. Eccles has a number of medical and academic qualifications, including MBBS. In addition, he is a member of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) and holds an additional Ph.D. in Pharmacology (London).

Over the years, Dr Eccles has built up extensive experience in helping both men and women seeking access to a wider range of treatment and prevention options.

Dr. Eccles specializes in the treatment of breast problems in women, the treatment of menopausal symptoms, including the use of bioidentical hormones, as well as “Better Aging” programs and natural hair restoration (after developing a revolutionary effective treatment that is internationally patent pending).

Dr Eccles takes online consultations for the Nordic Clinic, via his clinic in Harley Street, London. Dr. Eccles speaks only English.


A health coach supports our patients in changing diet, lifestyle and habits. There is always a collaboration between patients and our team when it comes to implementing different treatment plans.

Nicole Punzi, dietician, health coach, master coach and dnalife therapist

Nicole specializes in lifestyle optimization, DNA testing, sports nutrition and food intolerances. She works on a daily basis as a patient educator in collaboration with Anne Catherine at the Nordic Clinic. In her consultations guide in healthy lifestyle in small steps and how patients can learn lifestyle strategies and habits that hold. A lifestyle upgrade wherever you are in life. Nicole has for many years worked with several professional athletes and her approach to treatment is based on the individual human being. To ensure healthy, lasting lifestyle changes, she continuously implements small changes so that her patients can cope with having to change habits while focusing on their lives, careers and everyday tasks. Nicole also uses Prolon fasting alongside diet plans.

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