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At Nordic Clinic, we are very proud of every successful transformation we have experienced with our patients. These stories and the people behind them motivate us to do our best and go the extra mile to accomplish the best outcome for each and every patient we work with. To read our patients’ references – please press the blue button.

For you and your family

With the Functional Medicine approach, we can help you improve your health and well-being or improve your chronic illness.

For therapists

Cooperate with us. We offer training so that your skills can help even more with the help of Functional Medicine.

Why Nordic Clinic?

Functional Medicine can help you improve your health and well-being from chronic ailments.

What is personalised medicine?

We believe that healthcare should be tailored to the genetic and functional needs of every individual. Our approach gets to the heart of who you are and helps empower you to take control of your health.



What is Personalised Functional Medicine?

We believe that health should be tailored with knowledge of our genetics and bio-individual needs. Our approach goes straight into looking at your biochemistry and helping you take control of your own health.

What can I expect from a consultation?

The Functional Medicine method is designed to ensure that we understand your body, your lifestyle and health. It is a different method than standard medicine. Find out more about what you can expect as a patient with us.

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Welcome to our podcasts and webinars. Learn more about how we work in the latest research on lifestyle and Functional medicine.

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