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At Nordic Clinic, patients participate actively.

At Nordic Clinic, we want patients to take an active part in the treatment. With this, the best course is experienced. The more motivated and informed the person is, the better treatment results are seen. We therefore want to stimulate the patient as much as possible to participate actively in the process.

From the moment you decide to undergo a course of treatment at Nordic Clinic, we will do everything to provide you with the best service. We strive to make the course as individual as possible. The healing process depends on a number of factors, the most important of which are the root causes that are unique to each patient. Some root causes can be corrected fairly quickly, while others take time. However, in order to put you at the center of the treatment, there will be some fixed procedures that need to be performed. These are reviewed below.

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You can easily make your appointment directly from our booking site. Feel free to call us to talk about your condition or your choice of the practitioner with us. 


When you book an appointment for the 1st consultation, you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire. Please fill in and return to the Nordic Clinic, so we have it in good time, but no later than 2 days before the consultation.

The questionnaire is very comprehensive and covers many areas in relation to your health, lifestyle, diet, family history, etc. The questionnaire has been prepared on the basis of Dr. Sidney McDonald Baker’s Clinical Experience in Functional Medicine. The questionnaire is extremely important for the therapist’s clarification work in relation to finding the causes of symptoms and health problems. Therefore, give yourself plenty of time to fill it in as best you can.

The questionnaire allows you to be more active in the course of treatment, which will ultimately benefit you.

The questionnaire also allows the therapist to, in an objective way, gain a greater insight into your situation, medical history and symptoms. The therapist will be able to meet you with greater insight, which is why better contact is experienced between you and your therapist, and that the time during the consultation is utilized optimally.

Of course, all information is treated confidentially.


A typical course of treatment involves 3-5 consultations. For example, it could look like this:

1st consultation
Here the therapist and patient meet and review the questionnaire. Here, the patient’s report is linked so that the answers in the questionnaire are nuanced. At this consultation, the therapist can recommend any analyzes and a preliminary treatment plan is prepared. The treatment plan will i.a. include diet and supplements.

2nd consultation
This consultation is located approx. 3-5 weeks after the first consultation. The patient’s preliminary development is assessed. If analyzes are recommended, the answer from here will be reviewed and explained at this consultation. Nutritional diagnoses are made and not medical diagnoses, just as there is no treatment with prescription medication. A more precise treatment plan is put in place.

3rd consultation
This consultation provides an opportunity to reassess developments. However, it is often seen that the patient experiences a focus on new but milder symptoms that have not been noticed before, or have been overshadowed by other primary symptoms. These can be taken into account at this point. In addition, adjustments are made to dietary habits and dietary supplements. Supplementary analyzes can also be initiated.

4th consultation
Follow-up, assessment and questions, as well as any conclusion.

At the Functional Medicine consultations, a health professional assistant is present. It is the person’s task to keep journal notes and follow up on any chores after the consultation. The assistant becomes your contact person in your course of treatment. The journal notes taken at the consultations will be available to you.

New patient: Your therapist goes through your questionnaire that you have filled out before and addresses your symptoms and risks. Together you agree on a tailor-made plan. The plan may include diet and lifestyle changes, as well as dietary strategies and laboratory tests. The plan is always planned with your options.

Laboratory tests / follow-up: The second consultation is usually always available after 4-6 weeks after 1 consultation. However, may vary depending on what is agreed during the consultation. Your therapist will assess your symptoms and their progress since the last consultation and often review your lab tests. Your treatment plan will be updated based on the new information about test results and conclusions will be drawn based on this consultation. Collaboration is the key in such a process, so you can take your own health into your own hands. As you as a patient will gain a better understanding of your health and it gives confidence. 

Additional follow-ups: How many consultations you should have is individual and is agreed with each patient depending on the condition and needs. Usually we would say it takes 4-8 weeks apart from consultation to consultation. Between these consultations, the patient’s health journey and improvement will be evaluated. Often we see progress if the plan is kept. Sometimes it takes several laboratory tests to get to the root of the cause. Patience and a plan are the way forward.

The length of follow-up consultations may vary from patient to patient. Some take 15 minutes and others 40 minutes. Our consultations take place online at Zoom or in the clinic in Nygade 6, Copenhagen K. 

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