Patient, woman 34, with myalgic encephalomyelitis and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Patient, woman 34, with myalgic encephalomyelitis and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Our patient suffered from myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME / chronic fatigue syndrome) after an infection in the fall of 2013. She continued as usual with work and exercise. After each workout, she got a sore throat. Later, her legs felt weak with very light exertion. Our patient had very little physical and mental strength, and her health and well-being deteriorated rapidly. She experienced an elevated heart rate, palpitations, frequent infections with fever that were very stressful. She had made some diet changes and started with acupuncture. In 2016, the patient started his journey at Nordic Clinic by filling out a comprehensive questionnaire and a food diary.

Functional tests used:

Test for bacterial growth in the small intestine

Organic acids

Tarmflora test

DNA analysis

Functional tests – results:

Tests for bacterial growth in the small intestine showed high growth.

Organic acids showed some weaknesses in biochemical processes such as mitochondrial energy production.

Intestinal flora test showed some overgrowth of yeast fungus in the intestinal flora and lack of short-chain fatty acids.

DNA analysis revealed, among other things, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs / abnormalities) in genes responsible for biotransformation, detoxification and endogenous antioxidant production, an increased risk of inflammation via IL-6 and decreased vitamin D signaling.

Suggestions for treatment:

Elimination of bacterial overgrowth: Diet that excluded fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols (FODMAPs) as well as antimicrobial agents for the treatment of overgrowth and antiviral treatment (reduces virus replication).

Optimization of mitochondrial energy production: targeted nutrition therapy with specific nutrients to support biochemical processes.

Supporting the integrity and function of the intestinal mucosa / promoting a healthy and rich intestinal flora: Probiotics / Butyrate /. 

Dietary supplements to promote a good environment in the intestinal mucosa.

Correction of identified nutritional deficiencies.

Targeted supplements in support of processes identified by DNA analysis.

Suggested lifestyle interventions:

Eating a large variety of foods contribute to the microbial richness in the intestinal flora.

Slowly increase physical activity.


Exposure to sunlight early in the morning. 

Exercises to activate the vagus nerve.

Results and follow-up:

After treatment, the patient was tested again for bacterial growth in the small intestine, the test result was negative.

The patient started exercising in 2017, and today she can work 75%, and she feels “much, much better”.

The patient has better digestion, rebuilds faster and managed to integrate more activities.

The need for sleep has decreased significantly.

Patient, a woman of 35 years, susceptible to infections and fatigue.

Patient, woman, 35 years, susceptible to infections and fatigue.

For ten years, our patient had experienced more and more exhaustion and apparently suffered from an unexplained susceptibility to infections. She was often afflicted with frequent infections, more so than her friends, and often felt hungry. She questioned whether her immune system was functioning properly. Almost every week, she experienced a feeling of not feeling well and often suffered an infection to the extent that she did not always dare to exercise. After a workout, she sometimes became ill for a week afterwards and could stay in bed from time to time. The patient ate a good and varied diet, slept well and exercised regularly. However, she had an intense working life with no time to get better and had for many years travelled extensively with trips across many different time zones. Her blood tests showed a slightly elevated TSH, which indicates a malfunction of the thyroid gland. The patient came to the Nordic Clinic in the autumn of 2018.

Used the following functional tests:

Test for bacterial growth in the small intestine

Comprehensive thyroid test

Test for the intestinal flora and intestinal function which showed a mild imbalance in the intestinal flora

Test for adrenal function

Functional Test – results:

The test for bacterial growth in the small intestine showed very elevated levels of hydrogen-producing bacteria (SIBO), which can lead to systemic symptoms such as fatigue and inflammation.

An extensive thyroid test confirmed a slightly elevated TSH and also showed low levels of selenium and lithium.

Tests for the intestinal flora and intestinal function showed a mild imbalance in the intestinal flora.

Tests for adrenal hormones showed low levels of cortisol and that they were not elevated as they should in the morning and day, which is seen as a sign of fatigue.

Treatment suggestions:

SIBO: The patient received antibiotics from her own doctor, then she switched to a long-term treatment with other antimicrobial drugs through the Nordic Clinic.

Supplemented with selenium, lithium and targeted supplements to optimize thyroid function.


Targeted dietary treatment for optimal adrenal function.

Suggested lifestyle interventions:

Limited food intake to eight hours a day and fasting the rest of the time (16: 8).

Walking with 10,000 steps a day measured with a Fitbit.

Prioritization of regeneration and sleep.

Daylight exposure in the morning.

Limited coffee intake to one cup a day.

Results and follow-up:

The patient had mild constipation, which improved somewhat after treatment.

The patient described her health as day and night when comparing before and after treatment at the Nordic Clinic.

The patient described himself as “totally burnt out” and lived a limited life before treatment. Now she no longer goes to bed at eight in the evening, but has gained hope and faith in coping with life and looking forward to the future. Her husband also notices “a huge difference”.

Patient, a woman with diffuse symptoms.

The woman has diffuse symptoms such as intense fatigue, sleep disturbances, cognitive problems, stress sensitivity, depression and concentration problems.

Our patient has struggled with diffuse symptoms such as intense fatigue, sleep disorders, cognitive problems, stress sensitivity, depression and concentration problems for several years without understanding the cause: “I got in touch with Graeme Jones at the Nordic Clinic in Stockholm. Graeme asked questions about my whole life situation, not just about my symptoms. We looked at stressors, work environment, family relationships, diet, exercise, sleep. Yes pretty much everything! This was followed by a series of medical tests. The tests showed that my body was heavily loaded with toxins and chemicals that I was exposed to through my work. I am an artist and have been painting full time for thirty years. ”

Treatment suggestions and suggested lifestyle interventions:

Dietary supplements


Blu light glasses in the evening for better sleep

Air purification in the studio

As simple a thing as wearing work gloves to protect against exposure to toxins

Infrared sauna

Intermittent fasting

Winter swimming

“It was not an easy job. It required a lot of effort and commitment. My life has changed drastically since I started my treatment at Nordic Clinic. It has been hard and hard work, but the reward is that I wake up rested, calm and looking forward to the day. It’s worth every fight! The time it takes to implement these lifestyle changes I get back by not having to sleep more during the day and being able to work more efficiently as I can concentrate so much better. It has cost money with consultations, supplements, subscriptions to the gym and air purifiers. Looking back on those years, it is one of the best investments I have made. ”

Patient, a woman with gastrointestinal symptoms.

Our patient has had stomach problems for over 20 years and has done several examinations with various doctors in Sweden, USA and England – without getting any concrete information about what the problem is. She was referred to the Nordic Clinic by a friend. “After a visit and the three recommended tests, I now have a clear indication of what is wrong – in my case SIBO. After years of stomach pain, bloating, dizziness, extreme fatigue, eczema, etc. It has been incredibly nice to be listened to and get concrete information about what is the cause of my symptoms – and also action advice on what I can do to get rid of them! ”

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