Underweight is a condition in which there is less body fat and muscle mass than recommended. Underweight people have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 18.5. Obesity is associated with as many risk factors for many lifestyle diseases as being overweight.


Being Underweight can affect hormone production and lead to irregular periods as well as fertility problems. As the occurrence of osteoporosis is seen more frequently in slim people.


The doctor will inform about foods with high energy content, with the aim of increasing body weight. Energy drinks are often offered as meal supplements. In addition, weight control can be offered.


There can be many causes for being underweight, both genetic and environmental. For example, tobacco smoking inhibits appetite and increases metabolism. Stress and depression can lead to decreased appetite, and increased metabolism can cause the body to automatically burn more energy. It can also be due to eating disorders. Digestive problems can further reduce the absorption of nutrients in the intestine. 


Treatment at Nordic Clinic will include coverage of the causes as well as a dietary guide that not only focuses on the current problem but which will also provide the patient with tools to strengthen their health in the future. If it is about underweight, an individually adapted nutritious diet that meets the body’s needs will be recommended, with a focus on healthy ingredients. Optimization of the nutritional status will primarily take place through an identification of specific deficiencies in, for example, vitamins, minerals and good fats. It can also be examined whether the underweight is due to reduced nutrient uptake, which i.a. can occur by inflammation of the digestive tract. We can use laboratory analyzes that support the treatment. One of the relevant tests is a stool analysis, which will show if all digestive parameters for a healthy digestion are present. It will also be possible to detect whether there are unwanted bacteria, fungi or parasites that affect nutrient uptake.

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