Your health journey

Becoming a patient at Nordic Clinic can feel like a big step. It is not the same as visiting your GP. Here’s a little what you can expect when you start your journey with Nordic Clinic.

Consultations with enough time

Our consultations are designed to provide enough time for us to understand how your body works.

Knowledge about you

At your first consultation, you will be given a Functional Medicine questionnaire which is designed to examine your health and your lifestyle.

Help understand your treatment

It can be difficult to remember everything your therapist tells you during the consultation. We provide each patient with a trained dietitian to advise and support you in the process. That person will be present during the consultation, take notes and guide you after the consultation if any questions arise.

Personal profile and test results

Functional medicine is a process on a journey to something better and a better understanding of who you are and how your body works. All information we note about you in the consultation is collected in your personal profile, so you have access to all information about your body and your health.

Tailor-made recommendations

Everything we recommend to you during the consultation is personally made for you only.

A lot of support

Getting healthier can bring a lot of challenges. We are here to support you all the way through helpful information that is relevant to your healthy challenges. You can always chat with us.

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