We’re making the future of healthcare personal

Our world class approach to personal medicine has been helping patients since 2002.

Our Story

Nordic Clinic was founded in Copenhagen in 2002 and has acquired an excellent reputation for our way of working and getting patients back to health. Our sister clinic in Stockholm opened in 2017 and has grown rapidly since. Today, the clinic has 15 co-workers.

Part of Nordic Health

Nordic Clinic is part of the Nordic Group of companies. We are dedicated to the growth of personalised and functional medicine in Europe and around the world. We invest heavily in training practitioners, nurturing young talent, research efficacy and developing content and advice to make functional medicine accessible and effective for more and more people around the globe.

Our Aim

Nordic Clinic was established as a flagship functional medicine. Our goal is to improve public health by helping patients regain their vitality. At the same time, we want to show other practitioners in the field, such as doctors, healthcare professionals and nutrition therapists, that it is possible to establish clinics in the functional medicine spirit.

We strive to:

  • Demonstrate how functional medicine is the future of healthcare.
  • Incorporate wide ranging clinical laboratory analysis into patient care to help identify biochemical processes in need of support 
  • Utilise dietary interventions and  high end nutraceuticals and supplements to correct and support the body’s ability to repair any damage done. When necessary, pharmaceutical interventions are also considered.
  • Make use of the full range of functional medicine working methods, including extensive health questionnaires.
  • Be open and transparent – to engage and collaborate with the broad spectrum of the medical fraternity, including colleagues in functional medicine, allopathic medicine, hospitals, health authorities, researchers, insurance companies and political parties.

18 years after the start, we’re pleased to see that we have had great success with many of our goals. Now we aim to work even harder to share our knowledge and methods to patients and functional medicine practitioners around Europe and the world.

Collaborative Partners

We believe that cultivating fruitful collaborations is the best recipe for success. We collaborate with many different Swedish and international businesses and individuals, such as healthcare providers, universities and researchers, functional medicine educators and specialists, and insurance companies. We’ve partnered with the insurance company Euroaccidents where their policyholders who suffer from IBS are offered functional medicine investigations and treatments at Nordic Clinic Stockholm.

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