Infertility is a condition in which the woman either cannot become pregnant or cannot remain pregnant.



The health service can offer various examinations so that the cause of infertility can be uncovered. However, in approx. 10 percent of the cases of the involuntarily childless couple do not find anything abnormal in either the woman or the man. The treatment is often a combination of medical treatment, such as hormone treatment, as well as artificial insemination and test tube fertilization.


Several studies show clear causes that are either contributory or direct cause of infertility. Examples may be ovarian cysts (PCOS), STDs, weight problems, high blood sugar, insulin resistance, stress, as well as overgrowth of fungus and bacteria in the intestinal system, food intolerance and nutrient deficiencies. In particular, for the woman, there are disturbances in the hormone balance, which can manifest itself in irregular menstruation and lack of ovulation. In men, the focus will be on reduced sperm quality. We place equal emphasis on the challenges of both parties.


We organize treatment strategies of both men and women for infertility. As for the male party, there will typically be an increased focus on the quality of the sperm, which is affected by many different factors. A hormone profile will i.a. state the levels of the female sex hormones and can tell whether there are abnormalities that are important for pregnancy. The analysis is a very specific tool, which will also reveal how the hormones are metabolized in the body. The analysis is an excellent tool, which together with the guidance will contribute to an effective and targeted treatment.

With this as a background, it is thus possible to make an effort yourself, among other things. using the right nutrition, supplements and herbs. The focus will be on the body’s imbalances with a view to greater well-being, increased profits and strengthening of health in the future. Therefore, other analysis tests such as can uncover food intolerance may also be involved.

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