Tips for Contributing to Wikipedia

A common website and community portal, Wikipedia presents a variety of ways to contribute to the site. Whether you have in mind creating a new article or editing an existing one, you can find it in the Wikipedia mobile app. You can also search for an article, save it for offline reading, or organize it into folders. The content of Wikipedia will come in many different languages. Although English is the most well-known, the site supports translations in many other different languages as well.

Currently, Wikipedia relies on an extensive community of volunteer editors in order that the quality of its articles. By using the ’wisdom of crowds’ principle, writers are encouraged to back up their factual statements with citations and other authoritative sources. This system also enables Wikipedia to provide a wide range of information about almost any topic. Regardless of your level of expertise, you can contribute to Wiki in many ways. Here are some tips for leading to Wikipedia.

operates using an open consensus model. Instead of aiming to impose ”official” points of view, the web site’s articles are written by a community. This process takes time and is more difficult when contributors hold extreme viewpoints. The process of consensus-building is also lengthy, making it more difficult when a community has extreme viewpoints. The site is governed by a formal dispute-resolution system, which allows disagreements to last for months.

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