Neuropsychiatric Conditions

Children and adults alike suffer from neuropsychiatric disease. The dominating belief has been that these conditions were of congenital nature. Current research turns this belief upside down by confidently replacing this view with an understanding of how environmental factors contribute to symptoms in this patient group.

We work with the following conditions:

  • Autism
  • Asperger’s syndrome
  • Schizophrenia
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Tourette’s Syndrome

ADHD/ADD and autism

Neuropsychiatric conditions include ADHD and autism, which have both overlapping symptoms and overlapping root causes. Several different factors have been shown to contribute to ADHD and diagnoses on the autism spectrum. These include genetic sensitivity, exposure to specific types of toxins, infections, diet-related factors, lifestyle factors and abnormalities in the gut microbiome. 

Research paints an ever clearer picture that the inherited, genetic component is relatively insignificant, while environmental factors are gaining increasing focus in scientific studies. At Nordic Clinic, we take into account the latest research in working with children and adults who suffer from neuropsychiatric conditions. Our tool box contains a wide selection of laboratory tests, lifestyle advice and dietary advice to apply in individual action plans.


PANS/PANDAS is a form of autoimmune encephalitis, a neuroinflammatory condition, primarily caused by infections. The most common infectious trigger is streptococci, but many more have been identified. The condition causes great suffering and low quality of life for the victims and their families. Most fall ill in childhood, but the condition can strike in adolescence and unless effective treatment is initiated, symptoms can persist into adulthood. Many families testify to their frustration of not receiving adequate testing, treatment or diagnosis, and some even struggle to be believed.

While infections are the main triggers of PANS/PANDAS, a holistic approach in which you also work on other factors can be an important strategy to minimise flares and optimise brain health, immune system and recovery. For example, research has shown that gut flora is altered in people with the condition, and both researchers and families observe that diet modifications can improve symptoms. The same applies to other types of autoimmune diseases. In all, this makes PANS/PANDAS a good fit for a functional medicine investigation.

At Nordic Clinic we’ve developed an interest in PANS/PANDAS. We are looking at research and communicating with researchers in the field with the goal of applying innovative methodologies that reduce symptoms in those affected. We focus on optimising biochemistry, immune system, inflammation, nervous and brain health, along with testing for active infections. With this, we offer powerful interventions that are complementary to those offered in standard healthcare.

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